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Eine innovative Wallbox mit integriertem fi für E-Autos von TECHNIVOLT

TechniVolt charging stations from TechniSat

Under the TechniVolt brand, TechniSat develops and produces innovative wallboxes with many convenient functions for fast and carefree charging of electric cars and hybrid vehicles. The TechniVolt wallboxes are primarily designed for private use. Selected charging stations are also ideal for expanding the charging infrastructure in semi-public areas, e.g. for setting up charging points for company fleets in businesses. All TechniVolt charging stations are suitable for everyday use, easy to operate, future-proof and meet the highest performance and quality standards.

Do you need a wallbox? We think: yes!

Private E-Auto Wallbox für Zuhause einfach und schnell zu bedienen und für draußen geeignet

Better to charge at home

A charging station, also known as a wallbox, charges your electric vehicle quickly and easily at home. With a wallbox, you benefit from more flexibility, shorter charging times and lower energy costs compared to charging via a normal 230V household socket. It is simply reassuring when the electric car is fully charged overnight and is reliably ready for use the next morning.

Überhitzung von Ladestation Kabel durch Typ 2 Ladestecker vermeiden

Better than the socket

Normal 230V sockets are in principle suitable for charging electric cars, but cannot withstand the high charging currents over the long term. There is a risk of overheating here. In theory, the standard socket only charges with a maximum of 2.3 kW per hour - recharging 23 kW therefore takes a good 10 hours! In fact, only about 2 kW per hour arrive at the electric car. A charge loss that not only costs time but also money.

E-Ladestation für E-Autos mit Zugriffschutz

Better with access protection

Not everyone wants to install the wallbox locked in the garage. If the e-charging station is freely accessible in the driveway or carport, access protection makes sense to prevent unauthorized persons from charging. Therefore, in all TechniVolt wallboxes, the charging process can optionally be activated using the supplied RFID card, so that charging only works after authorization.

Wallboxes and accessories at a glance

The TECHNIVOLT charging stations enable fast charging processes at home and inspire with special functions for more convenience. The two SMART models are even ideally suited for use in semi-public spaces thanks to the certified MID energy meter.

TECHNIVOLT wallboxes are now available for sale. Order now: biuro@technisat.com

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